Sleep Better

Set of online spots to support the launch of Medibank's Sleep Better initiative.

Seriously, who doesn't need a better sleep? We had a lot of fun producing and directing these content pieces with Thought Police for Medibank. It was great taking a pro like Michael Mosley, dressing him in pyjamas and watching him hit line after line for 8 hours from a child's bed. I mean, sometimes our jobs are just too easy.

The Thought Police

Mark Welker

Raylene O'Hare

Borće Damćevski

Creative Director: Ben Keenan
1st AC: Nathan Damćevski
2nd AC: Jamie Damćevski
Photographer: Nicholas Wilson
Gaffer: Bernie Holstegge
Stylist: Karla Milat
HMU: Carol Cameron
Editor: David Hakkennes
Colourist: Nicholas Hower
Sound Mix: David Williams