Respect Women - Train

TV and online video spots for the Victorian department of health’s “Respect Women, Call it out” campaign.

Director Thomas' Highland's strong and original concept concentrated on moments when a comment is made that’s just not quite right, or something is said that makes everyone feel uncomfortable. We have all had those moments and had the brief seconds of your inner voice saying this is wrong, but should I say something?

The series generated over 7 million times in it's first week alone, and sparked thousands of threads of healthy (and not so healthy) conversation across all social platforms.

The Shannon Company

Thomas Hyland

Raylene O'Hare

Cesar Salmeron

Production Manager: Kati Hogarth
Photographer: Lauren Bamford
1stAC: Kevin Campbell
Gaffer: Richard Turton
H&MU: Margo Orsatti
Wardrobe: Denia Henricus
Editor: Ben Hall
Colourist: Abe Wynen
Casting: Highway Casting