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Unpack your Potential

3 part series

Australia Post came to Commoner early in 2017 with a great challenge, “To put a human face on online shopping". 

To coincide with the launch of their new online shopping platform, the team wanted to connect with audiences who traditionally see online shopping as impersonal experience and (believe it or not) an as yet unconvincing necessity.

The challenge for Commoner was to bring some humanity back to the online experience by presenting stories of people with an extraordinary need for online shopping.

The project was immediately appealing. A chance to start from a blank slate and build new stories from the ground up.

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We set about finding a set of real people with unique and interesting needs for online shopping. Our ultimate goal was to find those whom online shopping unlocked some aspect of their lives. Someone with a truly extraordinary need. 

Through hours of extensive research, phone calls, skype calls and plenty of brainstorming, the team settled on three characters who we felt had a need that was uniquely theirs and a surprising take on the online shopping experience.

Having three such diverse characters meant that each story called for its own treatment and approach to production. Through careful planning, interviewing and production design, we gave each film a look and tone that was reflective and true to each individual character.

The production gave our crew plenty of creative challenges, from shooting underwater to capturing the heart of Melbourne’s cabaret scene.

What resulted was three films that speak to the audience far beyond just online shopping. They are the essence of the project’s tagline ‘Unlock your Potential while staying true to the character’s that drive them.

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