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Unpack your Potential - Season 2

Explore extraordinary stories of online shopping

The first Unpack your Potential series was a clear success. Record levels of engagement, watch time and overall views proved that taking an emotive, cinematic approach to postal stories was a winning formula. And now we had an audience eager for more. 

For the second series we went back to the drawing board, once more searching for unpack stories that went beyond just convenience and gratification. Success with the previous season had bolstered our confidence, now we were keen to capitalise on Australia Post's revised central strategy to "increase emotional connection with Australia Post by highlighting the unique role Australia Post plays in Australian communities."

Quickly, we set about searching for stories of individuals connected to a wider community, whether that be online or IRL. We settled on two starting characters, both firmly embedded in a community that intrigued us and offered alignment with Australia Post's marketing goals.

We found the Badger Family through the Van Life community, on a hunch that those on the move would likely need packages sent ahead on the road. We were right (thankfully) and after a few meetings with the family we knew their down to earth nature and engaging story would be perfect for Unpack.

Based on the subject matter (ie men in tights wrestling each other) Carlo was a bit of an outside chance to get through approvals, but his surprising story and larger than life personality promised a unique chance to engage audiences by uncovering a sport rarely explored behind the scenes, and especially in the branded content space.

Then for the third story in this season we looked way further than we ever had before, hunting for a truly unique perspective on online shopping. That story turned out to be the Looma Eagles, the most remote women's AFL team in the country, based in northern Western Australia. 


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The Badger family's video was shot with a small crew of 4 over a couple of days on the NSW coast - a place the family frequently travels to to get out of day-to-day grind. This is our preferred method of shooting these kinds of stories; a crew big enough to get results, but small enough to feel like extended family to our subjects.

Approaching Carlo's video we knew that the side of the sport we were most interested in was it's characters. We spent a lot of time talking to Carlo to try to understand for ourselves why people loved the sport so much. What we found was a community that 'bonded over the uncommon'. What drew athletes from all walks of life to the ring was a chance to take to the stage, bring out your wildest personality and form a lasting 'uncommon' bond.

Working with DP Cesar Salmeron, we wanted to pay special homage to that larger than life promise with an ambitious visual style that delivered equal helpings of drama and spectacle.

They say that great stories are 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration, and this was no more true than for our Looma Eagles shoot with the team headed out to remote Western Australia, battling day time heat of 40 degrees to capture the story. To bring it to life we turned to our long time collaborator and friend, Director Thomas Hyland, who risked his Melbourne tan to bring home a heartfelt and exciting story.







The Badger Family video went live and quickly surpassed season one's metrics to become the most watched Australia Post video on their Youtube channel. It picked up over 300,000 views in the first few weeks of release with an average watch time of over three minutes. 

Overall, the Unpack series has driven 1.1+ million YouTube views, 2.2 million WatchTime minutes and an average view duration of 1.58 minutes, despite videos being skippable through TrueView after 6 seconds. Audience targeting tested online shoppers vs non-online shoppers. ‘Non-online shoppers’ showed higher engagement, meeting the brief of humanising online shopping. Positive sentiment via comments and Google Brand lift studies showed that the stories resonated, with a 10.8% lift in brand favourability.

"Commoner fully understood our team’s vision for how this series could be brought to life. The performance of the series has proved the value of long-form video as a powerful marketing tool. We couldn’t be happier with the quality and the performance of this video series" - Miles Fahey, Content Marketing Lead (Video), Australia Post


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