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Tailor Projects

A manifesto of home

Tailor Projects, a boutique property developer in Melbourne, were launching their first-ever smart home - a home designed and built with seamless, integrated technology. To launch the home, and herald their entry into the smart technology market, Tailor needed a film that expressed their visionary approach to home-building.

The challenge for us was to create a film about tech, that was about more than just ‘about tech’.

Because the thing is, technology is often seen as a universal disconnector, and for good reason. For example, the image of a couple waking up together in bed, each turning over in unison to check their respective phones, barely remembering to mumble good morning.

Taking Tailor’s brand values as a jumping off point, we stripped the concept back to focus on what home really means to us human beings. What makes Tailor’s homes different, is that Tailor understands what home actually means - a place of connection, of safety, of love and celebration - and how technology may help enhance and support those emotional needs.

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Ultimately, people come to Tailor to make perhaps the biggest investment of their life - purchase a home. Our willingness as humans to invest so much of our resources, monetarily, as well as in time and emotions, was a central consideration. Only a select few care deeply about a house full of gadgets. What people really invest in, is the promise that such a place will someday feel like home.

It was from that fundamental understanding that the Tailor Manifesto film was born. We chose to tell the story of a young couple whose connection and experience in expecting their first child could be amplified by the ‘smartness’ of the home, rather than hindered.

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We flushed out the simple, seemingly mundane, yet oddly profound, moments when humans establish a feeling of home. The cooking and washing up together, the building of new furniture, the daily out-the-door kisses, the solitary moments when we can clear our head in the space of our familiar. Moments where technology comes to the forefront, and those when it stays out of the way.

Tailor’s Manifesto film was an exciting one for us as it fused several beautiful factors - a client willing to take risks, a team of creatives and filmmakers dedicated to getting every detail right, and an end product that has more than a couple of feels.

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