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Sussex Taps is a Melbourne based manufacturer with an unwavering commitment to design, craft and family.

Working alongside design agency Seesaw, we set out to produce films that would capture the core aspects of the family owned company’s approach and set them apart in an increasingly crowded manufacturing market.

Sussex is design-led, with products that people love to buy. To achieve that level of brand loyalty, the team incorporate both traditional and cutting-edge production techniques so that when you hold a Sussex tap in your hands, you can feel the quality and care of its construction in its heft and careful details.

Sussex is also family owned, with an enduring founder legacy that permeates the entire factory floor two generations on. Walking the factory there is a sense of shared passion, as if everyone is working towards a common goal. It instantly suggests the existence of a strong perspective and story, hence we were eager to get started.

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Director Max Greenstein was bought on board for his eye for detail and strong visual direction, and paired with cinematographer Cesar Salmeron. Starting off with interviews at Sussex, we quickly got under the skin of the brand, put its products in our hands and peered over plenty of shoulders as we followed the product from bar to tap.

Our final approach took on the challenge from three angles. First, a key brand film to set the emotional tone for Sussex and provide a visual journey across every facet of the company, from earliest design to final delivery. A film about craft and beauty, and a way to speak directly to consumers sense of taste, aesthetic, and tone. The visuals are carried by a strong original voice over which borrows sentiments from the original founders own iconic words "just imagine".

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Supporting the brand film are two additional films that explore the company’s commitment to engineering and manufacturing, as well as design and collaboration. Whilst the brand film leads with sensory cues, the two supporting films are interview driven and provide greater context for how Sussex approaches its manufacturing and design arms, supplying would-be buyers and trade customers with the vital details that quickly build trust and credibility.

The films were shot on location in Melbourne at Sussex’s primary manufacturing hub and all the talent featured are Sussex employees and collaborators. The videos will be used across the Sussex website and to build awareness of the brand amongst trade and direct customers.

Director, Max Greenstein
Sr. Producer, Raylene O’Hare (Commoner)
Cinematographer, Cesar Salmeron
1st AC, Austin Haigh
2nd AC, Shang-Lien,Yang
Sound Recordist, Juan Pablo Martinez
Sound Mix, Paul McCosh
Editors, Max Greenstein, Mark Welker (Commoner) & Ben Hall
Colourist, Nick Hower

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116 BTS Commoner J0A6282

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