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The Shillington Experience

Bring to life the college

"Create a series of videos that cover our core points of difference. They should reflect our personality—creative, fun, friendly, intimate and passionate about design." That was the brief.

After researching Shillington’s competitors and others in the field, our first step was to identify the key defining characteristics of the Shillington brand that stood out to us. What we found is, as with all creative fields, there is an initial hurdle of ability which lies at the heart of the decision to take a leap and back your own creative curiosity.

With other schools it felt like the overriding call to action was either “hurry up or you’ll miss out” or “come to us we know the most”. Shillington’s brand suggested a more positive affirmation, that the school would make you the best designer you could be, through a supportive, friendly and intimate class structure.

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We talked to a bunch of ex students and decided that they, more than any teacher, were the best spokespeople for the brand - able to relate to a new students' concerns and provide meaningful answers. By bringing their testimonials together we were able to create a story arc of someone considering the career jump to design, from doubt, to motivation, and finally to a positive outcome.

Over one session we interviewed seven students, drawing out particular strengths of their stories to build an overall narrative of the college experience. Each interview was examined against a colour coded system of story points, allowing an edit to quickly come together to be used further into the production for shooting additional course work overlays.

A set of three videos were released in mid 2015 through Shillington’s social networks. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with students past, present and future all remarking how they could relate to the overall story each video was telling. Shillington went on to use the videos to attract future students who were unable to attend info sessions in person and the videos have generated over 20,000 views and attracted scores of new students to the course.

  • "We are so incredibly pleased with the reaction to our latest series of videos! They’ve worked brilliantly in our online campaigns, and we received very positive feedback in our latest round of Market Research." - Anthony Wood, Shillington College Director

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