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Respect Women - Call it Out

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Every now and again at Commoner we get sent a brief that challenges us not only creatively but makes us stop and think about how video can question cultural norms and make a call for change within the world we live in.

This was the case when we received a brief from The Shannon Company asking us to collaborate on a series of online videos for the Victorian department of health’s “Respect Women, Call it out” campaign.

The past couple of years we have seen huge changes within women’s rights across the globe with things like the #metoo movement and the call for equality for women in the workplace. It’s the age of women standing up and being heard.

But as powerful as these movements are, change is always a slow process and ideas and thoughts don’t change overnight. The challenge for Director Thomas Hyland was to come up with a concept that talked predominantly to males, asking them to call out behaviour that would normally be overlooked.

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Thomas’ strong and original concept concentrated on the small moments, those times when a comment is made that’s just not quite right, or something is said that makes everyone feel uncomfortable. We have all had those moments and had the brief seconds of your inner voice saying this is wrong, but should I say something?

The final result was a set of four short videos designed to support and enhance an existing above the line TV campaign for VicHealth. Each video tackled the problem from a different audience group and social situation, from the social melting pot of a typical Australian bar to words exchanged between friends at a BBQ.

The videos were produced in house at Commoner, incorporating location scouting, Melbourne based production, post production, and casting of nine hero talent.  

The videos quickly found their audience online, tapping into a existing seam of conversation and debate generating 285,000 views in the first few weeks of release and over 2900 conversations and interactions within Facebook.

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