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People of Post is a video series exploring the human stories behind Australia Post services.

Often times (and particularly in utility industries) complaints can drown out the stories of people who do good work and delight their customers. Australia Post delivers on time to about 94% of Australians, but it's the remaining 6% we tend to hear most from. This campaign was designed to activate this silent majority, humanise the brand, and challenge those passive towards Australia Post to develop more empathy for the company’s employees.

To achieve this, Australia Post sought our help to develop a number of employee stories and shepherd them through from pre-production to post-production.

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Each story we follow has its own set of production opportunities and challenges. From following a box from surgery to tarmac, to devising an entire shoot around a paper stamp and library room, we like a good challenge and we also like letting our character guide they way to a good story.

Too often perspective is lost in branded content as message proof points and tried and tested formats take over. When your goal is empathy, the most powerful tool we have as storytellers is perspective. Bringing a character to life is as much about understanding how they see the world than what they say.

Tammy’s story was a logistics challenge. Every couple of months Startrack facilitates Australia’s biggest and only kidney exchange, where multiple donors and receivers go under the knife simultaneously across Australia, literally exchanging Kidneys via the post. 

Gaining permission to film across airports, hospitals and surgery rooms whilst acknowledging the importance of the kidney delivery is no small feat., but essential to capturing Tammy’s story.

Tammy's emotional core is elusive, locked away behind years of control and discipline. To understand Tammy is to understand how necessary that control is to her role. Who else would you want behind the controls of a potentially life saving surgical operation than someone completely aware of how her emotions can affect a team?

Take Richard Breckon. A character that doesn’t immediately jump off the page as a brand ambassador. Richard is everything you might expect a man who has given his life over to philatelic (stamp) research to be; bookish and reclusive, prone to long explanations of technical detail, completely uninterested in small talk. But get under his skin and devise the right kind of video production environment, and Richard's passion and wit shine through.

And then sometimes you come across a character that does all the work for you. Rebekah Williams, indigenous inclusion consultant. Warm, energetic, passionate, well spoken…sometimes the hardest challenge of our jobs is living up to the expectations of your characters and providing the right platform for them to be their best.

Not every story has a fixed approach, and not every approach is inherently interesting as a story. What we try to do is match approach to story in a way that the result looks and feels natural to the viewer and effortless to our clients.

Director, Mark Welker (Commoner)
Sr. Producer, Raylene O’Hare (Commoner)
Producer, Kati Hogarth (Commoner)
Cinematographer, Cesar Salmeron
2nd Camera: Roderick Th'ng
Editors, Mark Welker (Commoner) & Mario Hannah 
Colourist, Nick Hower

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