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Part-Time Story

Capture the part time experience

As filmmakers, it is always a pleasure to be able to be offered a glimpse into peoples’ lives and we feel privileged for the trust given by our clients and subjects to tell their stories. It is particularly inspiring when we can partner up with great institutions that offer people opportunities to pursue their dreams, passions, and give them an opportunity to excel at something.

Our mission for this project was to develop an engaging feature that profiled the life of a part time Shillington College student, and showcase how they strike the balance between work and study.

We teamed up with the folks at Shillington and met a bunch of students, looking for that special part time story with the right mix of conflict, personal challenge and positivity. Stephen stood out to us with his relatable self doubt and contrasting careers - barman by day, design student by night.

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 Originally from California but now based in Melbourne, Stephen had tried his fair share of careers since leaving high school but had never really found that thing that he was really good at. When he came across the part time Shillington course, something sparked in him and he stepped forward. 

In the past, our work for Shillington has focused heavily on highlighting students work and the process they go gone through to achieve their creative endeavours.

We felt Stephen’s video needed to be more personal. His was not the story of technical process, but the journey to discover one's niche in life. We felt that space offered more to explore and would be easy to relate to for other prospective students facing similar questions.

For this particular video, we wanted to play with the pace and style of our storytelling technique, mixing stills photography by our regular collaborator Anthony Strong in with video. We felt this was a good approach to access more of Stephen's internal space and provide a larger scope for story.

Part time is a week to week experience, and whilst we don't always get time to cover that much physical time with each of our subjects, we think photography is a good way of breaking the traditional cinematic chronology and enlarging the narrative space.

Stephen's story joins the highly successful Designer Profiles series we've produced for Shillington, engaging over 150,000 viewers across Vimeo, Facebook and Youtube.

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