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Moments that Matter

Encourage meaningful conversation about living and dying

The term 'palliative care' carries a lot of preconceived assumptions and expectations, and for many people, it is the final step in a story of death. According to Palliative Care Victoria (PCV), three-quarters of the 40,000 Victorians that pass away each year require palliative care, and yet there's is still not a clear understanding of what palliative care is.

Working with PCV and their strategic agency Raine and Makin, we set out to explore the wider conversation of those facing mortality and tell their lived experiences of palliative care. The aim was to share the universal human experience and importance of living, dying and grieving well, reminding people of all ages to focus on what matters most in life.

Starting with a group of nominated participants, Director Thomas Hyland and our team met with and explored the stories of over 20 participants, searching for the story themes that would help form the pillars of the campaign and represent a broad spectrum of experiences across gender, age group, faith and cultural background.

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Stylistically, we wanted to present the stories such that each participant expressed their experience in their own words in a deeply personal format.

For each story we honed in on a specific element of the character’s life showing how palliative care raises this element into new significance after diagnosis. This was represented by found footage and photographs supplied by each participant and woven into the fabric of their story.

Succinct and sensitive film making was the priority. We selected a crew who would support the story delivery on location, making participants feel at ease and respected during what can be a vulnerable experience.

The result is seven emotional portraits of palliative care, representing trust, joy, family, purpose, home, freedom and love. These are the moments that matter. That broadens the conversation, and that create lines of trust and understanding back to Palliative Care.

Each story was enhanced by photography portraits taken on location by photographer Tim O'Connor.

As filmmakers, projects like these stay long beyond the edit. We take away the lessons and learnings of lifetimes of reflection in just a few weeks. We hope you find each story as affecting as we did. The full microsite and all stories can be found at www.momentsthatmatter.org.au

Director, Thomas C. Hyland
Sr. Producer, Raylene O’Hare
Producer, Kati McKoy
Cinematographer, Alice Stephens
Cam. Assist, Bonita Carzino
Photographer, Tim O’Connor
Sound Recordist, Elliot Taylor
Editor, Thomas C. Hyland & Raechel Harding
Colourist, Nick Hower & Julien Chichignoud


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