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Working with content agency Mahlab, we jumped on board to assist in executing a video-led content strategy for Lenovo that showed young Australians who breaking convention, upending expectation, doing things their own way and getting better results. The challenge for us was to uncover the story of Noble Spirits and work in the promotion of the new Lenovo Yoga line of laptops without the product placement feeling forced or inauthentic.

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This social focused campaign featured 30s and 15s executions across three campaign themes; connectedness, quality and innovation. Where a longer, 2-3 minute video can support a number of overlapping themes in one execution, the key to making stories work at much shorter lengths is to think out how the broader story of Noble Spirits can be compartmentalised across the campaign suite. Each story should make sense even if a video is watched in isolation, but together each video story builds upon the last to further reinforce the brand message: Different is Better.

For each execution in this campaign we determined the key theme, tone, story visuals and talking points. We find this structuring process helps to prioritise the scope of the visuals and deliver more concise, usable dialogue during the interview.

The three films were shot across two days in Sydney. Director Dillon Seitchik-Reardon worked with our main character Greg to develop scenes authentic to his process, whilst also identifying opportunities to integrate the Lenovo’s Yoga line of laptops gracefully.

The end result is a suite of story-led films built from the ground up for social that combine the brand values of Lenovo and Noble Spirits in a way that feels natural and unforced.

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