Gourmet Escape

10 part Margaret River experience

Margaret River Gourmet Escape brings together the world’s best chefs in a region known for its fine produce and spectacular scenery. A four day gourmet oasis, featuring dozens of satellite events, a festival hub at Leeuwin Estate Winery and an impressive lineup of local and international food celebrities.

The inaugural event was announced in 2012, a boon for the local economy and a compelling draw card for Western Australia’s tourism industry.

In the lead up to the event we were tasked with helping to build the proposition of Margaret River as an international food hotspot, extending the region’s appeal from its existing reputation as a world class wine destination.

We set about uncovering the regions stories through an intense pre-production recce, where we travelled around the South West region, dropping in on producers to gauge their stories (and sample a bit of produce). Working between the requirements of a state tourism body and our own requirements for telling a great story, each producer’s story was assessed against a shared criteria and a final 10 producers picked.

This story-first approach is one of our key processes, and one that we take to every project. Our job is to put forward the best story possible in pre-production, and then work with our clients to align the range of stories with their own marketing objectives.

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The series was produced over two seasons; the first set, produced six months prior to the event, supported the South West brand proposition and generated interest prior to the event.

A further video was produced during the Gourmet Escape itself as we told the event story from the intimate perspective of two passionate foodies, Laura and Drew from Yelp.com.

Since release the project has been viewed more than 160,000 times and has been translated into Chinese, Korean, Japanese and German to serve Tourism WA’s international markets. The project has also been used throughout trade, consumer and industry events to reinforce the region’s strengths in gourmet food and wine.

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