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Euky Bear

A 40 year family legacy

It’s not every day you get trusted to work with an iconic Australian made brand, used and loved by generations of Australians.

When Euky Bear came to us in early 2017 they were looking for a way celebrate their upcoming 40 year anniversary. They wanted to share this milestone with both existing and new customers using one of their most loved and trusted products, Euky Bearub; a natural eucalyptus based product that has helped ease families colds across Australia for over three generations. 

We knew that dealing with such an iconic brand and an important anniversary, we needed to tell much more than just a video about a product. We needed to get under the skin of who was behind the product. Who nursed it to success over 40 years of change.

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We started where we often do with interviewing the people closest to the brand, in this case, two generations of the Abbotts, the family behind the creation of the Euky Bear products and brand. You never know what you can uncover once you start asking questions, the Abbott family were no exception.

We started to form a picture of a tight knit family with a love for tradition and history. From their search for the perfect 'euky' tree to the next generation working within the family business, we felt immediately the pressence of a story viewers would connect with.

Sometimes it works out that the best concepts can also be the simplest. So we went about telling the story of Euky Bear and revealing the family behind the brand. 

Filming the Abbott’s on the family eucalyptus farm as well as at home with their own families, we offered the audience a sense of connection between landscape, between family members and between generations.

By taking the idea of connection and telling the story of the Abbott family, the end result was a video that provided a unique opportunity for them to engage with both existing and new audiences. Connecting with them on a more emotional level, and sharing with them a piece of their own family legacy.

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