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Bring school outcomes to life through personal story

With schools in London, New York, Sydney and Melbourne, Shillington College launches the careers of hundreds of graphic designers across the world each year.

Through a curriculum built upon technique and creative process, Shillington unlocks the potential in students to become working graphic designers. As part of our second project with Shillington College, we sought out some of the school's best and brightest to explore what makes their recent graduates tick.

It's always a pleasure for us to shoot dedicated artists at work, as their passion and commitment always seems to rub off on the team. Each designer is a story in of themselves, shaped and moulded by their interests and creative leanings, as well as the ongoing impact Shillington has had on their process and technique.

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For this series, produced on a lean production budget, we travelled from Port Fairy in Victoria’s south to inner city Brisbane. Each designers’ story was drafted based on pre-interviews, with overlay shot based on a completed interview edit. This provides us with the opportunity to capture overlay tailored to the story we intend to tell, making for a more compelling product and more focused production.

From the organic flow of typography to the mechanical ballet of a letterpress machine, the series uses visually compelling processes to explore topics close to the heart of all creatives–such as How does creative work happen? How do you execute on ideas? How can you kick start inspiration?

Since launching in 2014, the series has generated more than 110,000 views across Vimeo and Facebook and performed a key role in engaging past and future students through Shillington's social and above the line campaigns.

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