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Day in the Life

Give insight into career directions

The brief for this series came from Seek Learning, a national education advisory service working as a go between for prospective students and course providers. Consultants at Seek Learning are experts in their respective subject areas, helping students of all ages find the right course for them.

But they can't be everywhere at once, and the team was looking to develop a series of videos for the Seek Learning website to complement existing written content on career choices.

Our job was to develop an engaging video series that provided potential students an insight into the day to day challenges of occupations such as a Real Estate Agent, Graphic Designer, Builder, Primary School Teacher and Interior Designer.

The concept of a ‘typical day’ lay at the core of the brief, but, we didn’t want these videos to feel typical. We wanted to give our characters the capacity to engage and inspire and to meet the values of the Seek Learning brand personality; inspiring, fun, clever, and supportive.

We took the style of moving portraits as a way of navigating the personality of each character and discovering their chosen career. The portrait style of filmmaking provides a fun, interesting visual journey for the viewer, and complemented with traditional documentary style techniques, allows deep exploration of each career path.

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Through site visits and pre-interviews we built each character story before production begins. There are always challenges, with some occupations suggesting more obvious visual opportunities than others. But we're always on the hunt for that unique perspective that will set our characters apart and give the viewers a nugget of genuine insight.

From this base we begin to build a visual plan for the production, breaking each video into a number of key scenarios that we hope will provide viewers with a ‘typical day’ experience.

For these films we chose to break tradition and shoot the interviews direct to camera so as to create a more powerful eye-line connection with the viewer. We felt that this interview frame did a better job at putting the emphasis on the viewer as the real hero of the videos. The tempo of the edits is upbeat, the camera angles unconventional, supporting the lighter side to the Seek Learning brand.

Since the first series was released in 2015, the films have been watched over 29,000 times and helped to increase conversion on the key subject area pages of the Seek Learning website. The follow up series was completed in 2016. 

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