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Spark a conversation

“Simple, real, emotional, unbranded human stories - with a health bent.”  

Bupa and their content agency King Content came to us with a compelling and focused brief. They realised that speaking to consumers at  ‘turning points’ in their lives helped to create a tangible connection, assisted with informed decision-making, and helped the brand fulfil the role that consumers expect of a health and care partner.

The first story in this series was to spark meaningful conversation around the delicate subject of aged care.

Any decision that requires acting on behalf of a loved one can be an emotionally complex process. Aged care is no exception.

It's true that we all die, but many of us will also grow old, often to the point where illness and disability make living at home a day-to-day challenge. This was the situation the Eddy family faced, with their parents Alan and Doris facing separation after 70 years of life together.

To tell their story, honestly and without pulling punches, working with King Content we invited ourselves into the Eddy family circle. Our objective was to get to know the family and each of their perspectives on what would be a difficult and conflicting decision.

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Many phone conversations and skype chats over the pre-production helped us to work out who our main characters would be, and the most appropriate story to tell.

Setting up the overall film narrative in pre-production allowed us to structure the film in its entirety with story summaries, shot lists and discussion guides. It’s a familiar process for us, allowing our clients to stay involved as the story forms prior to shooting.

Dealing with personal stories with a strong emotional narrative are often the hardest to capture.  There is a lot of trust that needs to be created between us the storytellers and the characters that tell the stories. We adapt our interview techniques as we go, ensuring we place our characters in a position of comfort and control.


Keeping a positive vibe on set and talking to people honestly provides the best access to those moments you wouldn’t normally get to see when shooting to a tight schedule.

The end film we hope is both sad and hopeful, and provides others facing similar decisions with a relatable experience. 

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