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Attract more nurses to a much needed sector

Talk to most nurses working today and they will probably tell you that primary healthcare is a second or third choice in career pathway when compared to hospital care.

Despite primary healthcare forming the backbone of Australia’s modern health infrastructure, there exists a general lack of knowledge about career pathways in primary health and the opportunities for skills development.

To help combat the negative perception and broaden knowledge within the sector, the Australian Primary Nurses Association (APNA) developed an online app to assist nurses to make better informed choices about career pathways within the 21 sectors of primary health care.

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APNA approached Commoner in early 2017 to help bring that app to life with a series of day in the life videos on primary nurses.

Over three months, we created six films profiling nurses who had successfully embarked on a career in one of six primary health care pathways: General Practice, Residential Aged Care, Refugee Services, Community Health, Corrections and Aboriginal health.

Each film gave us a chance to get to know a shortlist of candidates and develop stories that would both inform and reposition primary healthcare in the minds of the audience. All were shot on location, working in environments requiring a subtle and sensitive approach to production, including a women’s prison, community and refugee health centres.

The final films were a key ingredient for APNA to secure further government funding to expand the online app and extend video content across the remaining 15 primary health sectors.

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