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Welcome to What's On! If you're new to the series - this is where our Client Producer Katie Boyts gives you a brief rundown on the best in branded video from all over the world. 

It's been awhile since our last What's On and a lot has happened - The Mueller report came out, Beyoncé's documentary came out, there was Easter and Earth Day and Anzac Day. So needless to say there's a lot to catch up on, including plenty in the world of branded video.  

So today we're talking about the latest in 'emotive storytelling' from the Phillipines and France, how Sweden is displaying the more authentic experiences of women in a pivotal moment, plus the latest from VisitSeattle and Apple. All videos are below. 

Hope you enjoy! 


RFSU - I'm Pregnant

Vick's - Just a Boy

Intermarché - C'est magnifique

Visit Seattle - Family Style

 Apple at Work - The Underdogs





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