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'What's On This Week' Motion Graphics Edition

Welcome to this very special edition of 'What's On This Week' where we're entering the big beautiful world of motion graphics, talking about recent branded vids . If you didn't catch the video version of What's On check it out below as we had the honour of hosting Dom Bartolo a la Flutter Films of Jacky Winter as our guest motion graphics expert!

So without further ado...

Apple Music/Beats 1 - Black Coffee

In this 12 episode series, artist Lachlan Conn and Flutter Films does wonders to bring this unscripted voiceover of the DJ Black Coffee to life. The mesmerising visuals offer an imaginative glimpse inside the thoughts of the DJ and I think this is the magic of motion graphics genre - the ability to turn language into a playful, hypnotic landscape.

Shiseido - The Party Bus

For their Halloween video, the Japanese cosmetics brand Shiseido takes us into the gorgeous tale of a young woman dressed as Princess Kaguya on, you guessed it, a party bus. The opening red title card translates as, "I just can’t tell you that I love you.", which serves as an intriguing foreshadowing device. What follows is motion graphics laid on the live action footage that is delicate, intimate, completely engrossing, and utterly beautiful.

And that's to say nothing of the live action footage which is filmed in a style that matches the delicacy of the animation with a contrasting freneticism. Director, Show Yanagisawa, did well by the brand.

Mailchimp Rebrand - Giant Ant

Mailchimp recently underwent a rebrand that was impressive in both scale and depth. Assets included a myriad of media, namely a gallery of animation that was a clear departure for that reliable chimpanzee, while at the same time maintaining consistency with the brand overall. Not an easy balance to strike.

The colour pallet is lovely. The animations are engaging, approachable, and playful. And somehow manages to humanise the brand without actually showing many humans.

Enough - Anna Mantzaris

Ok, so this isn't exactly a branded content piece but our guest expert showed us this and we, like him, fell in love immediately. We just needed to include it. Created by filmmaker Anna Mantzaris, (who is actually still a student), the film uses small felt dolls and places them in all-too-relatable moments where they've literally had enough. It is hilarious, dark, intimate, and melancholy all at once. What Mantzaris captures perfectly is timing. Not only in the moment, but also in the overall piece, as she plays with tempo and pacing.

If you've ever wanted to throw your computer out the damn window or just lay face down on the sidewalk at the end of the day, (and who hasn't?) this one's for you.

Hyundai - She's Got Game

In another win by the creatives at Flutter, this TVC is a great example of how motion graphics has the ability to add heaps of character to live action. What perhaps is a piece of dry footage becomes playful, imaginative and full of joy. 

Here we see Sam Kerr and her feet as the stars with dynamic animation throughout elevating the tempo, energy, and thrill. The wolf is a definite highlight but as the animations follow the ball in the action footage, you also get a glimpse of how functional it is as well. In a scene with lots of action, it keeps your attention on the object that matters.

Thanks for joining us, and a special thanks to Dom and the Flutter Films team for sharing their expertise this week! See you round next time and have an excellent week! 

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