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What's On

Welcome to 'What's On', the series where we give a brief update on the most noteworthy branded videos of late from around the world. Hopefully it gives you a bit of inspiration, conversation fodder, or just general comfort knowing you're not the last to hear about the vid everyone's talking about around that metaphorical water cooler. 

If you'd rather avoid commentary and jump straight to the videos, scroll just a bit further. 



 Nordstrom - An Open Mind is the Best Look 

Indie art film meets music video, layered with vignettes and tender moments, the voice over is a refreshing alternative to the predictable epic voice of god that's typically seen in these pieces. 


 Bank Australia - Clean Money

In a Pavlov's Dog type of way, "Where is my money going?" will now chime in my head every time I lay that plastic down.  


 Chipotle - Behind the Foil

If you had told me last year that Errol Morris would be asking Chipotle employees about microwaves and freezer bags, I would have laughed at your artistic naivete. But it's 2019 people. The sky's the limit.  


 Nike - Dream Crazier

It's Jay Z's 4:44 to Beyonce's Lemonade (minus the infidelity) in this follow up to Dream Crazy with Colin Kaepernik. Embracing strong emotions and the voice of Serena Williams, I'm always down for celebrating a good cry.  


Ice - We're All Different 

A brand who knows their audience and a Nordic dad smiling sweetly in a dingy - a winning combo.

All for now! Thanks so much for tuning in and we'll see you next time.   

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